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Facial Feature Enhancements//


Micro-Pigmentation is sometimes referred to as Permanent Makeup, or Cosmetic Tattooing. The process of applying pigment just under the skin is similar to traditional tattooing and is typically performed on women wishing to enhance certain facial features, such as the eyes or the lips, as well as to cover scars. Micro-Pigmentation is also used to re-pigment the nipple-areola complex of the breast following a breast reconstruction procedure.

Individuals who choose to undergo Micro-Pigmentation may have physical limitations that make applying makeup difficult or people may chose it as a way to save time. As well, people suffering from alopecia, a form of hair loss may choose this art form to create an appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes where the hair has been lost.

The ingredients that make up the pigments used in Micro-Pigmentation are regulated by Health Canada’s F.D.A.


Undoubtedly the facial feature enhancement with the most impact.Whatever the situation, sparse or non-existing brows as a result of overtweezing or simply thinning with age, the results are truly amazing.

An Eyebrow Procedure frames and accentuates the eyes bringing back that youthful spark while providing you with that sought after worry free feeling when you shower, scratch, sweat or swim.


At NECTAR when it comes to Permanent Eyeliner, we strive to meet your personal preferences. Whether it be a thick or a thin eyeliner, with or without tails, we take the time required to carefully explore all the possibilities with you.

The subtle nuances in shapes and colors are never underestimated and our goal is to bring about the most flattering results for the unique person that you are.


Also known as Lip Liner Procedure, not only accents the lips but also stops the lipstick from bleeding.Often, by subtly redefining the cupid’s bow, the peaks on the top of the upper lip and the corners of the mouth, a more pleasing shape is created.

While some women prefer to dramatize their lips and request a darker shade, others chose a hue closer to their existing lips, thus achieving a more natural look.

A Lip Shading Procedure has all the benefits of a Lip Contouring Procedure plus it offers the possibility of creating that desired effect. From sexy and voluptuous lips to dramatic and full or simply natural looking, the choice is yours. While allowing you to look your best all of the time, having your lips fully colored is a great time savor for everyday wear, just add Lip Gloss.

For an evening look, simply apply a stronger colored lipstick over top.

Eyelash Extensions//

Each eye has about 200 eyelashes. They consist of three series of short hairs. Those of the upper eyelid are more numerous and longer than those of the lower eyelid.

Eyelashes are situated at the edge of the eyelid of each eye. They help protect the eye from dust and foreign particles, and glare. The upper eyelashes vary in length between 8 to 12 mm against 6 to 8 mm for the lower lashes.

The lashes of the upper lid are bent upward and the lower eyelid lashes are curved downward. They extend from the inner canthus (commissure of the eyelid) to the outer canthus. Natural eyelashes have a lifespan of 60 to 90 days. In order to replace the fallen eyelashes, new lashes are constantly growing, and here are the three stages : Anagen=Baby, Catagen=Teen, Telogen=Adult.

Frequently Asked Questions//

How long does it take to have the procedure done and how long do Eyelash Extensions last?

For a fuller look (more than 80 lashes per eye), count about two hours, or one hour and a half for an expert technician. After 3-5 weeks, a touch-up will take 30 minutes. Eyelashes have a lifespan of 60 to 90 days and new lashes are constantly replacing the fallen ones. In order to ensure the desired ciliary density, it is therefore necessary to do a touch-up every 3-5 weeks.

What should I expect at an Eyelash Extensions appointment?

You will be comfortably lying down, eyes closed. A MISENCIL Certified Professional will apply the eyelash extension by using a special glue exclusively reserved for this purpose.

Can I develop any allergies?

Only if you are allergic to polyester (extensions) or cyanoacrylate (glue).
And again! … The glue never touches the skin.

How much does it cost?
  • $150 for a “STAR” Look (between 40 and 60 extensions per eye)
  • $250 for a pose “SUPER STAR” Look (between 80 and 120 extensions per eye)
  • $50 for a 30-minute touch-up (every 3-4 weeks)
  • $25 for 15 additional minutes
Is it going to look natural or sophisticated?

Everything depends on the quality of your natural lashes and the “look” you want. Trust the advice of the professional MISENCIL technician who will choose the correct thickness, length and shape of the lashes to be applied. For example, for a more natural effect, up to 2 different lengths can be used. For a sophisticated look, up to 2 different lengths of extensions can be used but a lot more of them, thus creating a “ cat’s eye” look.

At NECTAR an experienced and Certified MISENCIL Professional will create the right look for the right client.


Whatever the reason, accidental, surgical or medical (such as alopecia, vitiligo or cancer), a Scar Camouflaging Procedure can be done by matching the client’s existing skin tone.

For instance, subsequent to breast reconstruction surgery often the Areola-Nipple Comple is left void or scarred. At NECTAR, a Certified Micro Pigmentologist with advanced training in this specific field, re-pigments the area.

Lastly, NECTAR offers a Corrective Service on work previously done elsewhere. Existing Permanent Makeup Procedures can successfully be darkened, lightened or camouflaged.

Areola-Nipple Complex

By far the most gratifying Permanent Makeup application happens to be the re-pigmentation of the Areola-Nipple Complex. Subsequent to reconstruction surgery following breast cancer, the breast is left void of color and often scarred.

At Nectar, a Certified Micro-Pigmentologist with advanced training in this field working in conjunction with Ottawa’s Plastic Surgeons, re-pigments the area. This in combination with the new implants creates a very natural looking breast.

Scalp Hair Simulation

Another Permanent Makeup application which is gaining in popularity especially with men. This procedure which is referred to as “hair stippling” is performed on a thinning or balding scalp.

On a thinning scalp, this procedure creates the illusion of thicker hair whereas on a bald scalp the results are similar to a new hair regrowth similar looking to a 1-2 day old beard except on the scalp.

Scar Camouflaging

Nectar also offers a Corrective Service of covering surgical or accidental scars by matching the clients existing skin color. This is a case by case and may require more than one application.